We are the stalwarts in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a vast array of Xylan Coatings.The offered coatings are applied to various types and grades of fasteners. The water works industry takes advantage of the superior corrosion resistance properties by coating T-head bolts for underground service. Stainless steel fasteners are used in many different industries and are coated for lubricity and anti-galling. The most widely used application is on B7 studs with 2H nuts. These fasteners are commonly used by turnaround groups, operations & maintenance departments and contractors at many chemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms. The coating’s chemical resistance and easy on/easy off characteristics are perfect for these environments. A few specific applications where problems have been solved by using this coating process are as follows:

Xylan 1010:
Dry-film lubricant for any wear surface to reduce friction, prevent scoring and galling and provide secondary lubrication in the event of failure of the primary lubricant. In addition to this, it has low coefficient of friction (0.04-1.00), incot 1010 has good release properties, good chemical & abrasion resistance and operates at temperatures up to 285 C.

Typical Applications:

  • Hinge pins
  • Piston casings
  • Compressors
  • Fasteners

Xylan 1070:
Highly corrosion-resistant, low-friction coating designed to reduce make-up and breakout torque, even after prolonged exposure to corrosive environments. Incot™ 1070 also offers good wear and abrasion resistance. Stud-bolt coating used over phosphate or other pretreatment to achieve up to 3,000 hours salt spray. Typical applications include Threaded fasteners.

IncotTM 1427:
Waterborne, highly corrosion-resistant, low-friction coating designed to reduce makeup and break-out torque even after prolonged exposure to corrosive environments. Incot 1427 also offers excellent chemical and wear & abrasion resistance. Typical applications include connectors, nuts and fasteners.

IncotTM 1014:
Similar to Incot 1010, but with significantly more bonding resin relative to its content of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lubricant. This provides a finish that is harder, more abrasion-resistant, glossier and less porous. Friction values remain low and predictable.

IncotTM 1331:
Dry-film lubricant with PPS and PTFE for outstanding wear/abrasion resistance. This resin-bonded coating has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance and is virtually unaffected by any solvents up to 200 C (400F). Typical applications include offshore down-hole tools.

IncotTM 1514:
UV-resistant, dry-film lubricant with excellent low friction. Incot 1514 is designed for highly visible, decorative applications where stain resistance and easy-clean properties are required. This coating also offers some corrosion and abrasion resistance. Typical applications include out door pipings, railings and sea facing metal fencing.

IncotTM 1052:
Dry-film lubricant formulated with PTFE and M0S2 for high-pressure, low-speed wear applications. Its unique chemistry provides dependable, bonded lubrication for bearing surfaces subjected to extreme pressures of up to 10,500 kg/cm2. Incot 1052 operates at temperature up to 285C (550F). Typical applications include bearings, valve springs and sealing rings.

IncotTM 1311:
Similar to Incot ™ 1331 with less PTFE.