Our huge range of products also includes a wide array of Silicon Encapsulated O Rings. These products are quite popular with our huge client base. Elastomeric, rubber O-rings suffer from high friction and limited resistance to aggressive chemicals and gas permeation. Solid Teflon O-rings are rigid with no effective memory and high compression set. INVENTRO’S Teflon Encapsulated O-rings combine the resilience and sealing force of an elastomer with the chemical resistance of Teflon.This is accomplished by the use of an elastomeric core of silicone or Viton, with a relatively thin encapsulation of Teflon FEP or PFA polymer. This produces an elastomeric PTFE seal with maximum sealing capability. FEP Encapsulated O-rings are solvent resistant and chemically inert (except for attack by alkaline metals, fluorine and some halogenated compounds at high temperatures) yet have an elastomeric memory near that of rubber O-rings. FEP polymer also has an extremely low coefficient of friction (.1 to .2) and very low permeability to gases, making CHEM-RINGS a virtually universal seal for uasge in hostile environments.

Sizes Available:


1.5, 1.6, 1.78, 2, 2.4, 2.5, 2.62, 3, 3.15, 3.5, 3.53, 3.8, 4, 4.3, 4.5, 4.75, 5, 5.33, 5.5, 5.7,6, 6.3, 6.44, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.4, 9, 14, 15, 16, 18.

Data Sheet:
Encapsulation material: fep: tetraflouroethylenehexafluoropropylene.
Core material: silicone fpltrd70-10 peroxide cured
Continuous service temperature: fep 400f /204c. , pfa 500f/260c.
Coefficient of friction: . 1 to . 2 on metal.
Water absorption: <0. 01.

High chemical resistance:
Chemical attack and swelling are the primary causes of o-ring failure. Encapsulated o-inert.

Outperforms solid ptfe o-rings:
Encapsulated o-rings match the chemical and temperature resistance of solid ptfe possess properties of elasticity and recovery which are crucial in many sealing applications.

Encapsulated o-rings economically and effectively replace kalrez and other exotic o-ring compounds. decrease downtime and hence increase profitability wherever corrosive fluids and gases cause premature seal failure.

Wide temperature range:
Encapsulated o-rings withstand breakdown caused by industrial solvents and corrosive temperatures from -60° c/-75° f to +205° c/400° f.

Non stick surface:
Provides easy cleanup of viscous materials.

Low coefficient of friction:
.2 on metal. Self lubricating surface.

Eiminates contamination of fluids by elastomers. Sterilizable and autoclavable. Fda compliant, usp class available for specific applications.

Unlimited sizes:
Available in standard and metric sizes to virtually unlimited larger sizes.

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